SharePoint Designer 2010 Using Hot Spots Picture Tool

This is an easy to use and very useful feature in SharePoint designer 2010 that I’m almost too embarrassed to say I just found out about recently, although I’ve been working with SharePoint designer 2010 intensively.

Okay so let’s take for example a scenario which I believe to be a very common in which this ability can come very handy, suppose you are required to create an hierarchy tree for the different divisions or mangers in your company, where each different branch of your tree is supposed to be linked to a different site or pop up window.

You have two options:

  1. Build one from scratch using html – which should take you a while…
  2. Create a simple image file using Visio\PowerPoint or any other software and then add the different links to it using Hot Spots with SharePoint designer 2010 which should take you no more than a few minutes.

So this is what you need to do once you’ve created your image file:

  1. Add a content editor or Html form Web Part to your page and add your image in it (This is important! if you add your picture on a wiki type page\zone you won’t be able to add hot spots on it!).
  2. Edit your page using SharePoint designer 2010 (If your page is a publishing page you’ll need to detach it form it’s layout in order to edit it).
  3. View your page in the “Design” view.
  4. Left click your image in the design view.
  5. Now on the ribbon of the designer you should see  the Picture Tools tab:

    Picture Tools Hot Spots

    Picture Tools Hot Spots


6. Click on “Format” beneath the Picture Tools tab.

7.  Click on the Hot Spots Icon and choose the shape of the area you want to link.

8. Mark around the area you want to link, add the URL you want to link to.

9. You also have the option to add a ScreenTip, choose a target frame for example: if you want your link to open in a new window, and add parameters If you’re using a query string.

Image with Hot Spot Example

Image with Hot Spot Example


8 thoughts on “SharePoint Designer 2010 Using Hot Spots Picture Tool

  1. The links work great when I create hotspots,..but for some reason,..I can never get the screen tip to work. It never holds the info that I add in it.


    • Hi, After adding your hotspots try exporting your web part and then open it using notepad, you should find a ‘img’ element containing your hotspots as ‘area’ elements, under the area element the screen tip you’ve added should be included as a ‘title’ attribute, if you see it as a title attribute but still the screentip does not work it must be an issue with your browser.

      • In my image map the elements have my tooltips as “alt” elements rather than “title” elements. They aren’t showing up in either IE 10 or Chrome. This is SP Designer 2010. Do you have any suggestions I might try? thank you, R. Sommo

  2. Hi there, thanks for this info – works great and also can’t believe I didn’t know about it.
    Do you know if it’s possible to increase the length of the tooltip? Seems to be limited to X amount of characters. Would appreciate your guidance 🙂

  3. Hi , great tip, just wondering if there was a method to do this without Sharepoint Designer? Stop laughing at me…..?!

  4. Hi, I am trying to add a back button to a site. I have found the HTML code to go back however I cannot paste the HTML code into the Hotspot location.

    As you can tell I am not brilliant on the design aspects of SharePoint Designer.

    If you know a better way to add a back button then please let me know?

    I cannot edit the page outside of Sharepoint designer so adding a content editor webpart is not easily available.

    Thanks for your help.

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